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            OUR CULTURE

            • MISSION

              Become a platform where people realize their dreams.For each member of the Yintai family, career and dreams are closely connected to Yintai Group. For Yintai Group, this is a platform where each of its family members realizes their ambition and presents their talents.
            • VALUES

              Upright: Good faith, courage, stay true to self.
              Humility: Modest, unassuming, kind.
              Diligence: Composed and steadfast, conscientious.
              Enterprising: Progress, surpass oneself, indomitable, adventurous.
            • VISION

              To become a most vigorous enterprise, Yintai Group seeks innovation and revolution, keeps pace with the times and stays vigorous and energetic.
            • PHILOSOPHY

              Love@Together. Become a big family in which members love each other and support each other.
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